Les adultes et l’apprentissage multimodal d’une L2: le cas du projet 3LGames4Prevention

Concetta Cavallini, Emanuela Carlone


This article focuses on the 3Lgames4Prevention project, funded by the Horizon Europe program. It aims to prevent neurodegenerative disorders related to the gut microbiota by using serious games for foreign language learning. The experimental model involves adults aged 45 to 55, compared to a control group, to assess linguistic and social integration in a European context. The project is based on immersive serious games, proven effective for language learning, using Linguistic Landscape and Digital Storytelling as didactic methodologies. The scenario exploits cooking as a lever for adult foreign language learning. The interactive and multimodal virtual reality environment, created by participating professors and researchers, allows learners to prepare Canadian Christmas cake recipes in English. Furthermore, this article proposes a working hypothesis for FLE using two recipes as pedagogical support, exploited through digital applications and platforms to enhance learners' linguistic, intercultural, and communicative skills. The use of these digital tools stimulates learning, reduces anxiety, and offers an effective and enjoyable educational experience.

Parole chiave

Foreign language learning; neurodegenerative disorders; serious games; virtual reality; digital tools

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15162/1970-1861/1903


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