L’uso del metadiscorso nella scrittura accademica in L1 e L2: il caso di apprendenti sinofoni

Yang Ni


Metadiscourse refers to the devices or resources which the writers use to organize the discourse, engage the audiences, and express the writers’ attitude. The study, based on a corpus consisting of 20 essays, including 10 in Chinese and 10 in Italian, in order to observe 1) how the various metadiscoursive devices are used in academic writing in Chinese and Italian by university students from China; 2) if and there may be interference from L1, the paper concludes with some implications to teach academic writing in Italian for Chinese learners.

Parole chiave

Metadiscourse; academic writing; Chinese learners

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15162/1970-1861/1818


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