Didattica orientata al prodotto della produzione scritta e apprendenti principianti. Uno studio longitudinale

Simone Torsani


Writing is becoming an important activity even at lower levels of second language proficiency. Beginners’ writing, however, is partly eccentric with respect to that of advanced or intermediate learners: for example, beginners struggle harder with grammar when writing because of their limited language proficiency. It is therefore important to make methodological choices that are appropriate for this group of learners. The paper reports on a longitudinal case study of a beginner learner of Italian working on second language writing following a product-oriented approach in which linguistic and writing skills are strongly integrated. The findings show that a product-oriented approach facilitated her in working with both grammar and writing, thus proving potentially appropriate for beginner learners. Implications for teaching and further research are discussed.

Parole chiave

Writing; longitudinal case study; beginner learners; apprendenti principianti; product-oriented approach

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15162/1970-1861/1817


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