La transcription automatique comme outil d’apprentissage du FLE: quelques réflexions à partir d’un corpus oral

Alida Maria Silletti


This article deals with some results of a teaching experience with learners of French as a foreign language as far as the use of tools about artificial intelligence, namely automatic speech-to-text recognition, is concerned. Starting from the importance of working with ecological data, the study explores a little oral corpus dealing with Emmanuel Macron’s institutional communication and its automatic transcriptions by YouTube in order to detect advantages and disadvantages of this tool. Attention has been paid to cases of phonetic identity and to omissions dealing with the results of this automatic intralinguistic translation about morphosyntax and syntactical problems linked with sentence. The last part of the article is dedicated to French oral grammar and to a particular phenomenon of syntactic interruption, namely “parenthèses” (Berrendonner 2008), for which in written grammar punctuation markers – which are lacking in the automatic transcriptions analysed – are essential.

Parole chiave

Automatic speech-to-text recognition; artificial intelligence; FLE; syntax; teaching experience

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