Teaching, Assessing, and Testing Trends in Multilingual Education

Francesca D’Angelo


The paper aims to explore and evaluate the existing procedures and approaches in multilingual education, highlighting their strengths, limitations, and implications for the educational practice. By reviewing the current research and discussing the challenges and opportunities in assessing multilingual learners, this study aims to contribute to the ongoing efforts to enhance assessment practices and promote equitable educational opportunities for multilingual learners. The discussion primarily revolves around defining the constructs involved in multilingual assessments, exploring different approaches to measuring these constructs. Additionally, the shifting concept of multilingualism and multilingual competence will be addressed together with current practices in multilingual assessment, ongoing research efforts, and the identification of challenges in conceptualising, implementing, and interpreting multilingual assessments. Lastly, the attention will be focused on the identification of areas that require further research to develop valid and reliable multilingual assessment tools.

Parole chiave

Multilingual Education; Multilingual Assessment; Test Design; Multicompetence

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15162/1970-1861/1820


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