The albanian justice reform in the framework of the european integration process

Aurela Anastasi


This paper analyzes the recent judicial reform in Albania, which is in progress since 2015. The new mechanisms and institutions established by the reform are analyzed to identify the solutions to the problems of the judiciary system. After the fall of the communist regime, Albania has undergone several reforms to establish a new judicial system in a democratic separation of power. However, the system still needs to be extensively reformed, to fight corruption and strengthen the judicial power in a rule of law.

The paper responds to the constitutional concerns and challenges of new mechanisms, set up by the reform, in order to find correct and effective solutions. In addition to the analysis of the institutional changes, the role of international factors is treated as a guarantee, in two phases, during the process of drafting the reform and during the process of its application. The paper responds to some of the questions raised in this framework.

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