Undeclared work in Albania: dimension and consequences.

Emiljan Karma


Undeclared work is a widespread phenomenon that can be observed in all countries, both developed and developing countries. This form of employment with long-term negative consequences varies from one country to another, referring to its rate of spread and the forms and sectors of employment affected by such a phenomenon.

Albania, where the formal labour market coexists with the informal market, has a widespread dissemination of undeclared work.

The high level of undeclared work in Albania means that government agencies, responsible for labour market regulation and other social actors interested in the phenomenon (representatives of employees, representatives of employers, non-governmental organizations, etc.) did not effectively materialize existing policies in the field of informal employment. Likewise, the current form of the labour market organization in Albania creates spaces in which the employer-employer relationship is sufficiently interested in undeclared or under-declared work.

The experience of different European countries shows that there are organizational forms of policy-making structures and diverse mechanisms that can be applied in a country like Albania.

  1. The purpose of this article is to highlight:
  2. Characteristics of undeclared work in Albania;
  3. The efforts made by government agencies to combat it;
  4. Identification of efficient ways of contrasting undeclared work.

As a conclusion, this study tries to analyse the aspects of informal employment in Albania as well as ways of contrasting.  The undeclared work in Albania can be fought in several ways. In addition to the classical repressive way, other synergy forms should be applied which push or encourage businesses and employees to formalize.

Parole chiave

Employment; Undeclared Work; Labour Law; Albania; Western Balkans.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15162/2612-6583/1102


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