Archiving and Interpreting Greek and Roman Theatre: The Archive as Engine Room and Digital Hub

Fiona Macintosh, Giovanna Di Martino


From the outset, the APGRD was sited at the interface between scholarship and practice. Like most modern archives, it is a real space, a room, with books, objects and documents. But it is also a virtual space with online events, databases, and digitised collections and digital connections with other collections. In many ways, the archive needs to function very much like an engine room of an organisation, where its ‘mechanical’ parts and its fuel are stored and where there is a regular interchange of ideas. It is a ‘reopened’ theatre archive that aims to promote research, pedagogy and creativity and demonstrates that they not only need to co-exist, but that their co-dependence is necessary to underpin the study of dramatic scripts, ancient and modern.

Parole chiave

Archives; databases; performance; ebooks; blogs; podcasts; archival theory; theatre practice; translation theory and practice.

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