Finanze pubbliche e ricchezza privata nella commedia greca: per un archivio digitale

Elena Fabbro, Elena Bonollo


This article presents the ongoing project of a digital archive dedicated to public finance and private wealth in Greek comedy. The database aspires to provide scholars with a helpful tool to analyze and interpret the development of various socio-economical aspects as well as their perceptions in fifth- and fourth-century Athens, without losing sight of the poetic and dramaturgical functions of money and wealth in comedy. The first section of the contribution explores the ideological relevance of such themes in the poetics of Aristophanes and Menander; the second one focuses on the organizational criteria of the database, structured in lexical and thematic categories, and suggests possible research pathways based on the collected data of the archive.

Parole chiave

Aristophanes; Menander; Greek Comedy; database; private money; public finances.

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