Il metodo Euporia per creare nuovi archivi digitali sulla tragedia greca

Federico Boschetti, Gloria Mugelli


This article illustrates Euporia, i.e. a method for annotating literary texts based on Domain-Specific Languages.

The annotation systems developed using this method are modeled on the needs of the users, their specific habits of studying and annotating texts, and the aims of their research.

The two case studies discussed in this contribution show the application of the method in the context of two projects focused on the texts of Greek tragedy: on the one hand, a didactic project based on Aeschylus’ Persians, on the other hand, a research project in the field of anthropology of the ancient world, based on the entire corpus of the Greek tragedy.

The discussion aims to illustrate how text annotation through DSL can have both a didactic function and a scientific interest.

Parole chiave

Domain-Specific Languages; textual annotation; Ancient Greek Tragedy.

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