Vertερε: una proposta di annotazione semantica XML-TEI della traduzione antica

Nadia Rosso


This paper provides a new method of analysis of ancient translations which draws on key concepts from Digital Humanities and Translation studies. The research focuses on a group of translations from Greek into Latin which have been selected as especially representative of this phenomenon in Late antiquity. The purpose of this paper is to define a specific XML-TEI annotation for ancient translation. The annotation shows and classifies the main typologies of translation strategies present in the corpus. The paper also illustrates IT technologies that allow an interlinear visualisation of hypotext and hypertext of Greek and Latin passages as it is shown in the manuscripts of Ars gramma­tica by Dositheus. The new annotation and the corpus-based approach combine quantitative and qualitative perspectives, offering a new approach to the study of ancient translation techniques.

Parole chiave

Greek-Latin translation; XML-TEI annotation; translation strategies.

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