Il barone de Sainte-Croix e gli studi di geografia

Maria Stefania Montecalvo


The aim of this article is to focus on the baron de Sainte-Croix (1746-1809), classicist and historian, and the role of the geography in his scholarly activity, also from a methodological point of view. Starting with the geographical researches concerning the historians of Alexander the Great’s expedition, the baron continued to give great attention to geography quite in every subject he investigated (the colonies, for example). The most relevant of the geographical subjects he considered were: the Caspian sea and the Caucase, Nearchus’ navigation, Pseudo-Skylax Periplous, Isidore of Charax, and in general far east regions. He also projected an edition of the ‘minor’ geographers.

Parole chiave

Geography; History; Alexander the Great; Pseudo-Skylax; Edition of Geographers.

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