Critique et réhabilitation de Strabon à la fin du XIXe siècle. La réplique de Marcel Dubois à Ettore Pais

Aude Cohen-Skalli


The Examen de la Géographie de Strabon, published in 1891 by Marcel Dubois represents a thorough defence of the work of this ancient geographer. Dubois’ publication is an implicit reply to the criticism of Strabo expressed a few years earlier by Ettore Pais. It received a prize of the Académie in an age characterised by colonial issues and by the necessity to investigate unexplored areas; it’s precisely in this context that Dubois would become professor of colonial geography at the Sorbonne.

Parole chiave

Marcel Dubois; Ettore Pais; Strabo; Ancient Geography; Colonial History; French Colonial Empire.

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