Il contrasto ai crimini transnazionali nella prospettiva dell'ammissione dei Paesi dei Balcani occidentali all'Unione europea

Ivan Ingravallo


This contribution concern the admission of the Western Balkan countries to the European Union. After having briefly (and critically) considered the progress of the European Union enlargement process, particular attention is paid to the negotiating chapters 23 and 24, relating to the rule of law, compliance with which is considered a prerequisite for the admission of a State to the EU. In this context, the measures to combat transnational crime and corruption in these States are examined, highlighting how there is a substantial distance between the regulatory system and its effective application. This conclusion is confirmed both in the communications of the European Commission and in the documents of two authoritative international control mechanisms (GRECO; United Nations Human Rights Council).

Parole chiave

EU Enlargement; Western Balkans; Organized Crime; Corruption; Monitoring Mechanisms

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