Breaking the frontiers - paving the way for the EU integration: the case of Albania

Ermelinda Meksi


The enlargement of the EU to the Balkans is a great opportunity for Albania to generate sustainable development and the growth of democracy. In this perspective, the responsibility of the country is great, which must commit itself to meet the conditions of membership. Firm political will is needed to complete the process of accession to the European Union and make the transition process towards the spiritual, social and economic values of the EU more stable. This is a major political commitment, which the European Union must take into account more generously. The process of EU enlargement to the Balkans is a challenge for the union itself. Undoubtedly, the process of adapting to the conditions required for entry into the EU has favored the necessary reforms in Albania to become a member. Without ignoring the fact that Albania, like the other countries of the Western Balkans, still has many steps to take and many reforms, the effort put in place is an element of great importance. The next few years are crucial for the development of Albania, which will have to strengthen reform efforts to improve human capital, increase investment, modernize the agricultural sector, diversify and enhance its exports. Above all, citizens must continue to change their mentality to combat all forms of defrading and corruption and to strengthen the rule of law and the strategic transition to a green agenda. The future of Albania and the Western Balkan countries lies in the EU and for this reason too the EU must strengthen, speed up this geostrategic choice and get out of any uncertainty or misunderstanding. The new methodology adopted in 2020 by the members of the European Union may favor a faster path for a real integration of the Western Balkans. The future challenges are very demanding for everyone and if we do not act with a sure political will, the construction of a European Union of peaceful coexistence will go away. Accession of the Western Balkans to the EU could help make the European continent a safer and more sustainable place of life.

Parole chiave

enlargement; democratic growth, reforms; geostrategic challenges

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