A summary of the national plan for european integration related with the developments of education system in Albania during 2020-2021

Eriona Çela


As a candidate country of European Union, Albania has faced a lot of challenges in adapting the European standards in the field of education and it is continuously adopting these standards in order to reach the level acquired from the European Union.
In this regard, it is very important to monitor the process of integration in all aspects, including education. The National Plan for European Integration provides a clear view of the developments and progress of Albania in the field of education but on the other hand, it is an important document providing the priorities as well as shortcomings in the education system, both pre-education and higher education systems.
The paper comes as a necessity to summarize the achievements of Albania related with the standards that it has to reach but on the other hand as a necessity to inform all actors, beneficiaries and institutions, private or public that contribute in this process, to get to know the shortcomings and priorities in order to focus in the specific fields where Albania needs help to get improved, so that we can have faster results.

Parole chiave

Automatic Recognition of Diplomas; National Plan for European Integration; Smart Specialization Strategy

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15162/2612-6583/1464


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