Modern emigration: negative effects in albanian economy 70

Emiljan Karma


Albania's history is closely related to the migratory waves that have accompanied its people for centuries. It can be said that Albania remains a certain source of emigration (if it is not forced by political circumstances to act differently). Therefore, the characteristics of such a important phenomenon constitute a very interesting field of study.

The object of this paper is related to the modern emigration of Albanians or to migratory waves after 1990. The fall of communism and the socio-economic collapse of the following years caused an exodus of the Albanian population to the western countries. The size of this exodus is not known precisely because mass emigration has been partly legal. Referring to data different sources of data, it can be estimated that about one third of the Albanian population has migrated in other countries. This emigration was accompanied by an increase of cash flow to Albania in form of remittances.

This study tries to argue that the phenomenon of emigration, besides the positive effects in Albanian society, has also had negative effects which partially re-dimension its positive effects.

Parole chiave

emigration; labor force; social protection; remittances; RER; export competitiveness

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