Le Regioni e gli enti locali nel processo decisionale europeo

Giovanni Luchena, Vittorio Teotonico


Despite the fact that over the years the European institutions have abandoned the attitude of indifference towards regional (and local) levels of government, the mediation of State law still seems necessary to adequately capture the opportunities to participate offered by the supranational legal system. From this emerges the need for a legal analysis focused mainly on the plan of internal regulatory developments. In Italy, the numerous reforms introduced on this matter still do not fully meet the need to protect the value of territorial autonomy beyond State borders, especially because of the persistent failure of the Senate to transform into a federal chamber.

Parole chiave

Regioni; Enti locali; Unione europea; recepimento interno

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15162/2612-6583/1082


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