Morfologia della larva matura e della pupa in Agathidium varians Beck (Coleoptera, Leiodidae, Anisotomini)

Fernando Angelini, Luigi De Marzo


DESCRIPTION OF THE FULL-GROWN LARVA AND PUPA OF Agathidium varians BECK(Coleoptera, Leiodidae, Anisotomini)

Literature includes descriptions and/or drawings of the full-grown larvae of the following Anisotomini: Anisotoma humeralis (F.), A. glabra (Kugel), A. castanea (Herbst), Agathidium mandibulare Sturm, (?) A. nigripenne (F.), (?) A. badium Er., A. seminulum (L.), A. rotun- datum Gyll., A. sp., but nothing about the pupae of this tribe.

Here, full-grown larva and pupa are described, and data on pupation are reported, about Agathidium varians Beck.

The larvae were collected under the bark of an old dead oak. They pupated in spherical cocoons, made of substrate particles, agglomerateci with an internai silk layer. In laboratory conditions, the pupation stage was 11-12 days long, and the adults emerged in autumn.

The larva! morphology of Agathidium varians recalls that of other Agathidium. A generic feature may be the length ratio between 2nd and 1st segments of the urogonphi: it usually seems to be lower than l in Agathidium, but higher in Anisotoma.


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