CONTRIBUTI ALLA CONOSCENZA DEGLI ACARI ERIOFiDI l. Eriophyes reyesi n. sp. su Theobroma Cacao L.

Giorgio Nuzzaci


This mite is similar to E. feijoae K. which differs because has coxae ornamenrated with curved lines and to E. rossettonis (K.) because has submedian lines strong and extcnding almost complete length of shield.

Female 170-190   long, 30µ thick, wormlike; color yellow cream. Rostrum 14-15µ long; curved down; antapical seta present. Shield 19µ long, 22-24 µ wide; median line of shield design on rear 3/5; admedian lines complete, diverging from rear shield margin; submedian lioes ending ahead of dorsal rubercles. Sides of shield beyond submedian lines entirely set with granules; partial microtubercolate rings below dorsal tubercles. Dorsal tuberclcs 9 µ apart; dorsal setae 17 µ long, diverging to rear. Forclegs 32-34 µ long; tibia 5,5 µ long with 3 µ seta at l/3; tarsus 6 '' long; featherclaw 5µ long 5-rayed. Hindlegs 27-29µ long; tibia 4 '' long; tarsus 5µ long; feather claw 4 µlong. Coxae omamentated with granules; the sternal line forked to rear. First setiferous coxal tubercles slightly farther apart than second tubercles, about opposite anterior coxal junction; second coxal tubercles ahead of transverse line through third tubercles. Abdomen with about 72 rings, completely microtuberculate, the microtubercles not pointed, somewhat elongate above and touching ring margins, below more bead-like and ahead of margins. Lateral seta 32 µ long, on ring 7; fìrst ventral sera 27 µ long, on ring 23; second ventral seta 3,5 µ long, on ring 41; third ventral seta 8 µ long, on ring 67. Accessory seta 3 µ long. Female genitalia 16 µ wide and 11 µ long; coverflap basally with granular area and with about 12 longitudinal ribs; seta 3,5 µ long.

Type locality: Caucagua Venezuela Collected: February 1973 by Dr. H. Reyes Host: Theobroma Cacao L.
Relation to host: bud mite
Type material: a type slide

5 paratype slides
dry buds with dry mites.

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